Adult League

Our year-around Basketball League provides a clean, safe, and professional environment for Adults [18 and over] to participate in a team. We provide experienced referees and sophisticated online stats per team and per player. We also provide a Free Agent List which will allow other teams missing players to pick up other players who do not have a team.

Here at Valley Leagues, we have multiple divisions. Here are the listed Divisions and their restrictions:

  • Division C = Height Limit of 6'2 and one player of 6'5
  • Division D = Height Limit of 6'2 and one player of 6'4
  • Sunday Nights = Height Limit of 6'2 and one player of 6'4

Our Seasons

Thursday Nights6:30-10pm

Upcoming Adult League Division's

Division Location Day/Times Information
Division D San Fernando High
Sylmar High

Thursday Nights


Re-starts October 10 2019 (Fall 19)

More info visit

Division E Panorama High
Chatsworth Park
Sylmar High

Thursday Nights


Re-starts November 7 2019 (Fall 19)
More info visit

Sunday Nights Sun Valley High
Chatsworth Park

Sunday Nights


$250 Per Team 
Starts October 27 2019 (Fall 19)
More info visit

Team Signup

To create your own team you must first start by filling out our Team Sign Up Form. After signing up and filling in all your information you will then be contacted by one of our league commissioners to pay the $250.00 league fees (first game discount) or $300 after 1st game. After the league fees have been paid, you will need to ask your team members to individually fill out an online waiver at By filling in this form we will be able to fill in the proper information to maintain each individual player's stats online. MAKE NO PAYMENTS ONLINE UNLESS ADVISED BY ONE OF OUR COMMISSIONERS.
Note: Team captain is responsible for a $35 dollar Game Fees for each game which is due at the start of every game.

Team Signup

Free Agents

Besides having the opportunity of creating a team, we also give the opportunity to individuals who do not have a team to participate in our league. These players are known as Free Agents. Our Free Agents will have to sign up via our Free Agent Signup Waiver and will have to wait for a response from our league admins to contact them.  Our Free Agent List Process

  1. The Player will Sign an online Free Agents Signup Waiver.
  2. The Player will be added to the Free Agent List - Men or Free Agents List - Women

2 Scenarios may occur

  1. If a team needs a player
    1. Captain of the team will request contact information for a player in the Free Agent List.
    2. Commissioner will first contact Free Agent Player to confirm if they are interested in playing and O.K to pass along personal information (Phone/email only).
    3. The free-agent then will deal with the captain regarding fees/game time and the league is not responsible for refunds or game time.
  2. If the league requires to make 1 team of free agents
    1. League commissioner will contact each free agent.
    2. League commissioner will split league fees and game fees upfront depending on the number of players that created the team.
    3. No refunds if Free Agents decides not to play.
      1. Refunds are available depending on the reason and approved by the commissioner.
      2. Refunds are given back for games not played after approval. 

Note: Team captain is responsible for a $35 dollar Game fees for each game which are due at the start of every game. If a Free Agents team is made, there must a minimum of  7 players.

Free Agent Signup

We are Valley Leagues

Valley Leagues was founded in the San Fernando Valley by a group of young adults trying to have fun in an organized way. The founders have been in multiple leagues before; nevertheless, there was something missing. Valley Leagues is the missing items.


League News

25 October 2019
14 November 2018
18 May 2018