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We will explain the simple questions people ask regarding our waiver form.

What is the Online Waiver Form 

The Online Waiver Form is used to ensure you and your spectators (the player) is aware and agree with our Rules and Regulations and of the risk that you may take while playing/participating in the league.

Where is the Online Waiver Form

We've made it simpler to sing on an online waiver by making our waiver and online form. Our online Waiver Form is located under the About Us>Form and Files>Online Waiver Form. You may also access the link by using our domain shortcut of waiver.valleyleagues.com 

What do we do with the information

We strive to keep all your information discreet and secure. We use your information to fill out your Online Profile where we can keep individual stats for each player. 

Who needs to fill out an Online Waiver

All players that participate in the league MUST fill out an online waiver. 



Have any other questions regarding this matter? Contact Us, We would love to help you and keep this page updated.

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Valley Leagues was founded in the San Fernando Valley by a group of young adults trying to have fun in an organized way. The founders have been in multiple leagues before; nevertheless, there was something missing. Valley Leagues is the missing items.


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