Team Sign Up

We will explain the simple questions people ask regarding Team Sign Up

What is the Online Team Sign Up?

The Online Team Sign Up is an online form that allows captains or team managers to sign up their team for the next or future division/season.

By signing up a team, does it guarantee my team to play?

No, We do have a 1st come 1st serve rule and all current participating teams have the right first to decide if they will play again next season. Once a current team decides to drop from the league the waiting teams will fill in their spot.  to play at a different season, they will go back to the list and be a normal new applicant. 

How do I know if I am signed up or in the waiting list?

Each team is signed up and placed on the waiting list for that specific division. This list is located in our Standings page and will be named "Division: XXXXXXX XX - Waiting List" (The XXXX is the League and Division). You may also see in the Divisions Info in the next season's page for more information. (If signing up to division D, you will go to  About Us>Blog>Division D or . Then look for the current, or next season) 

When do I pay the League Fees?

You pay the league fees at your first scheduled seasoned game seasoned unless special otherwise (Example: Pay 1 week before scheduled game receive discount price).

How do I pay the League Fees and Game Fees?

We accept Venmo, Cash App, Zelle and Cash at first game.

After I sign up my team, what should I tell my players?

Ask all your players to sign our online waiver at All players must sign an online waiver before participating in the league, including the captain.

Who is responsible for the game fees? 

The captain/team manager is responsible for the league fees. We do not take any individual payments from players.

If we sign up and we are no longer interested?

Let us know by using our Contact Us form. This will help to speed up the process for the other teams that are in the waiting list.


Have any other questions regarding this matter? Contact Us, We would love to help you and keep this page updated.

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