Free Agent Sign Up

We will explain the simple questions people ask regarding signing up as a Free Agent

What is a Free Agent?

A Free Agent is an individual player that wishes to participate in our league but does NOT have a team or enough players to make a team. 

How do I sign up as a Free Agent?

You can sign up as a free agent by navigating on our website to About Us>Form and Files>Free Agent Sign up or using our domain link

Do I need to fill out an Online Waiver?

No, By signing up as a Free Agent, you are already agreeing to all our Rules and Regulations and agree to our terms. We will use the same waiver and fill out your online profile. 

By signing up as a Free Agent, does it guarantee me to play?

No, We do not guarantee that you will participate to play/participate. There are 2 scenarios that occur 

  1. If a team needs a player
    1. Captain of the team will request contact information for a player in the Free Agent List.
    2. Commissioner will first contact Free Agent Player to confirm if they are interested in playing and O.K to pass along personal information (Phone/email only).
    3. The free agent then will deal with the captain regarding fees/game time and the league is not responsible for refunds or game time.
  2. If the league requires to make 1 team of free agents
    1. League commissioner will contact each free agent.
    2. League commissioner will split league fees and game fees upfront depending on the number of players that created the team.
    3. No refunds if Free Agents decides not to play.
      1. Refunds are available depending on the reason and approved by the commissioner.
      2. Refunds are given back for games not played after approval. 


 By when will I know if I get in a team?

Depends when a team needs a player or the league needs a team to fulfil a season's requirements. 


Have any other questions regarding this matter? Contact Us, We would love to help you and keep this page updated.

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