Summer/Fall 2018 Season

Hello All, 

I am sure we are all frustrated with the schedule not being posted due to permits. Unfortunately all permits, insurance, and deadlines where met and Approved yet they haven't release the permits. What does this mean? Just means that the season has been pushed back. My last conversation with Civic Center was they are short staff and they are trying to accommodate all on-time permits asap. I was told to call Thursday November 15 2018 (Which permits ARE NOT realized on same day) hence if permits are written on that day, they wont reflect till Nov 29 since its a Thanksgiving day on Nov 22. Season is not over nor cancelled just postponed. 

I am out seeking help with any one that knows someone at Civic Center that can help us out and get these permits faster. 



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11/25 - Permits where finally received and schedule will be posted. 


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