Spring 2018

Find all the news regarding our Division E Nights Spring 2018 Season


Player Name Team Name Date of Technical Technical Foul Count Action Taken


    1. 4/1 - Obtain permit #S5715 for Byrd Middle School
    2. 4/1 - Built one game schedule till all teams pay fees.
    3. 6/8 - Civic Center Request Cancel due to construction at Byrd Middle School Closing Days of June 14-21-28 (3 days)
    4. 6/10 - Sent Text to captains regarding permit cancellations LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/zo2rK4Me5zsTyDCO2
    5. 7/10 - Final Brackets made
      1. Ball is Life
      2. Drip Group
      3. Pippen Ain't Easy
      4. 818 Squad
      5. OVO Crew
      6. Below The Rim
      7. Input 1

We are Valley Leagues

Valley Leagues was founded in the San Fernando Valley by a group of young adults trying to have fun in an organized way. The founders have been in multiple leagues before; nevertheless, there was something missing. Valley Leagues is the missing items.


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